1950's Mid-Century Cornicello Charm 14k Yellow Gold

1950's Mid-Century Cornicello Charm 14k Yellow Gold

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This Mid-Century Cornicello Charm, crafted from polished 14 karat yellow gold, adds a vintage touch to any necklace or charm bracelet. Known for its symbol of good luck, the Cornicello carries historical and cultural significance. Its sleek, polished design makes it a versatile accessory, perfect for collectors of unique vintage pieces or those looking to enhance their jewelry collection with a mid-century flair. This charm can be easily paired with various chains or bracelets, offering a blend of style and good fortune to any ensemble.

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Measurements: 24 mm in length x 3.7 mm wide
Era: Mid-CenturyVintage
Composition: 14 Karat Yellow Gold
Total Gram Weight: .10 g