Our Team
  • Catherine, Owner

    Catherine is a third generation jeweler whose impeccable style and deep knowledge make her the heart and soul of Filigree Jewelers. As a second generation estate jeweler, she pores over every piece in our collection, making sure it meets her standards. She is a wealth of information regarding antique and vintage jewelry after owning a jewelry store for over 20 years. Despite being around jewelry her entire life, her passion for it has never ebbed. Catherine's deep passion for fine jewelry is only parallel by her desire to make every client feel appreciated and special.  She truly believes that everyone should have access to life's finer things. 

  • Brent, Owner

    Brent, after more than two decades of owning a jewelry business, has seen more jewelry, watches and antiquities than most. His vast knowledge of jewelry design, and the history and construction of timepieces is apparent in every conversation he has at Filigree. He is a savant at retaining information which is tremendously helpful as Filigree's lead appraiser.  Brent's passion for design is apparent in everything he creates whether it is a refined cocktail ring, custom convertible earrings or the store itself.     

  • Gertie

    Gertie is a beautiful fluff ball who belongs to Brent and Catherine. She can often be found at the store going from office to office looking for love. Her favorite thing to do at work is to sit on a staff members lap and receive pets. She is a soft, sweet, gentle and affectionate pooch whose charm & belly are impossible to resist. She has very little ambition and makes her own schedule so she can only be found sporadically at the store.

  • Jesse

    Jesse has been an employee of Filigree for over a decade and was the first to join Catherine and Brent in their venture.  Jesse has filled many roles as Filigree has grown. His current primary focus is on digital strategy, growing our e-commerce and web development. But, he is also happy to hop into his original role of diamond engagement ring sales which will be apparent from the natural giggle he shares freely.

  • Sharon

    Sharon is our resident gemologist who specializes in colored gemstones. She studied at the Gemology institute of America (GIA) and is a wealth of information. She appreciates the intricacies of jewelry design, symbolism and history. Sharon relishes in sharing fun facts about gems - where they are found, as well as the legends and lore associated with them. She has been with the Filigree family for over 8 years and is the smile you see upon entering the door. Colored gemstones and personal connection are two of Sharon's genuine passions. Sharon is truly heartfelt about our client's lives and has touched the hearts of thousands of clients. 

  • Emily

    Emily joined Filigree three years ago, she was new to the jewelry industry, and has not looked back. As an established inventory specialist, she quickly jumped into Filigree with an eagerness to learn and buy unique pieces. Emily is a true savant, her memory is extraordinary. Even after managing thousands of pieces of inventory, Emily has the ability to keep everything organized, accounted for and our inventory fresh. She has a great eye for jewelry design and often encourages the owners to purchase items that have a different look; you can thank her when you see her. If you are lucky, she is often the first person you will come in contact with as she is usually the friendly voice to answer your calls.

  • Tamara

    Tamara started at Filigree almost three years ago with a deep desire to learn about gemstones, luxury jewelry and the history of jewelry making. After 10 years of experience in natural diamonds and the engagement ring industry she was eager to learn more as she could recount the 4 C's in her sleep. Tamara is the first to grab a jeweler's loupe and inspect gemstones or hallmarks under evaluation to further her knowledge. She brings passion, enthusiasm and the desire to make sure every client has the ultimate experience at Filigree. Her thoughtfulness and care is evident in everything she touches. Her passion for jewelry will not surprise you as she often will float by to tell you her personal favorite. 

  • Allie

    Allie is our photographer and social media specialist, she is quite possible the reason you have found Filigree Jewelers. Her years of jewelry and photography experience is evident in every like, swipe and comment. Allie's ability to capture the total beauty of a piece of jewelry through an image is extraordinary. She has a talent that is unparalleled (just check out our millions of views on TikTok) and has Filigree capturing the hearts of all. If you have the rare privilege of working with Allie on finding a special piece at Filigree you will find her joyous personality to be contagious. 

  • Sam

    Sam’s background in architecture and design makes him a natural fit here at Filigree. With 20 years of experience in luxury and fashion retail, he has a genuine desire to help each client feel comfortable and confident when shopping for something special. While helping clients, especially with engagement rings, he enjoys sharing his appreciation for the history and evolution of gemstone cutting, and sharing the unique characteristics that make each diamond special.