Collection: Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Welcome to Minneapolis's premier destination for unique emerald cut engagement rings, where the timeless elegance of step-cut facets meets modern sophistication. Our exclusive collection spans from the Art Deco era thru bespoke modern pieces with a focus on the elegant, elongated shape and clean lines that define emerald cut stones.  Our selection is designed to highlight the natural beauty and clarity of each gemstone, be it a diamond, sapphire or otherwise...offering a mirror-like effect that’s both sophisticated and stunning.

Choosing the perfect emerald cut engagement ring is a journey and we’re here to guide you through every step. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless appeal of a white gold diamond engagement ring, the modern twist of two-tone gold setting, our collection offers unparalleled versatility to suit any personal style. Let us help you find the perfect symbol of your love story, with a ring that's as unique and timeless as the love it represents.