Ethically Sourced Engagement Rings in Minneapolis

Ethically Sourced Engagement Rings in Minneapolis

We've been helping people find their one of a kind forever ring or over 10 years.  We're not just any jewelry store; we pride ourselves on being a haven for ethically sourced fine jewelry. For many couples, an engagement ring isn't merely a piece of jewelry; it's a symbol of their love, a testament to a bond that will last for the rest of their life.


Victorian Diamond Cluster Engagement Ring 


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Our collection encompasses a beautiful blend of vintage engagement rings, embodying the charm of bygone eras, and modern engagement rings that echo the trends of today. But if you're someone who's looking for that extra touch of individuality, our custom engagement rings are your best bet. Be it in white gold, yellow gold, or any other metal of your choice, we have got you covered.


 Pear Cut Diamond Engagement Ring


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 Our professional staff, with their vast experience in fine estate jewelry, understand the importance of choosing the right ring for that significant 'first time' question. We're adept at guiding you through our extensive selection, ensuring you find a ring that not only fits your price point but also resonates with your personal style and ethical values.  This is an exciting time in your life and finding that perfect ring shouldn't be a chore or a hassle.  At Filigree, we aim to make this a fun and exciting visit and our casual yet informative approach sets us apart from any of the other stores in town.


Art Deco Engagement Rings   
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If you've dreamt of a solitaire engagement ring that stands out or a diamond engagement ring that shines as bright as your love, we're here to turn that dream into reality. Our custom jewelry design service offers you the flexibility to conceptualize your dream engagement ring. Whether it's a custom piece inspired by an existing vintage design or a completely new custom project, our team is skilled at bringing your visions to life.
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What sets Filigree Jewelers apart from others is not just our excellent customer service, but our commitment to ensuring every unique engagement ring is ethically sourced. We understand the gravity of wearing a ring that not only stands as a symbol of your love but also aligns with your values.  From vintage, to modern, to custom, our collection of engagement rings is both large and unique.  


In your pursuit to find the perfect ring, choosing Filigree Jewelers ensures you're choosing responsibly. With our vast options, from solitaire engagement rings to custom design projects, finding the piece that will accompany you for the rest of your life is a journey we're honored to be a part of!


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