What Engagement Ring Style Is Best?


What Engagement Ring Style Is Best?

Today’s question is a very broad question.  It’s a tough one to answer but one that many people ask us when they are new to engagement ring shopping.  Which engagement ring styles are best, and which engagement rings are most popular.

It’s really boils down functionality for the person that’s going to be wearing it.  Stone size and weight, how tall of a ring they want and their personal style.  You’re loved one may want something that’s a little bit more low profile and understated.  Or maybe something that is going to be a little bit more outlandish…or somewhere in-between.

What Stone Shape Should I Go With?

Round cut diamonds are far and away the most common and most popular cut of stone and that’s been true for a very long time.  Round brilliant cut diamonds are generally seen in modern engagement rings while many of our vintage engagement rings have old European cut diamonds.  Additionally, emerald cut and oval cuts are quite popular and a great way to differentiate your style.  Really, everything old is new again because style cycles change. What we’ve seen is a resurgence in popularity in the pear shape as well as the marquis cut in recently as well!

Wedding Bands As Engagement Rings

Wedding bands can also work as a great alternative to a traditional engagement ring style.  We see this with medical professionals or anybody that wears gloves at work.  We’ve sold a lot of wedding bands as engagement rings and we’ve seen that be a trend especially among medical professionals although we did have that fabulous doctor that got a big beautiful huge diamond.

Style, Form and Function

Ultimately, the perfect engagement ring is in the eye of the beholder.  It should be a blend of style, wearability, and match up with your lifestyle.  If you (and/or your partner) are incredibly active, they probably do not want a ring that sits tall on the finger.  These are the kind of things to keep in mind when considering what engagement ring you’ll be going with.


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