Vintage Inspired Engagement Rings

Some antique styles continue to inspire yet can often be difficult to find. This is where vintage inspired fills an important niche. For clients who love the vintage look, but might wish for newer materials for peace of mind! Or maybe a slight variation on a classic look is desired! Whatever the reason, we have plenty of vintage inspired engagement rings to suit your needs.

Vintage Inspired victorian Design

When it comes to design motifs inspired by the Victorian Era, the you would be hard pressed to find one more common than the halo ring. Originating with halos of fewer, heavier stones, the most popular style of halo today has many smaller gemstones.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

This incredible yellow diamond is wrapped in a white diamond halo creating a beautiful contrast. Perfectly filling that vintage inspired look, with all the style of the older period, but the precision and freshness of a new ring.

Bezel Set Cluster Diamond Engagement Ring Platinum

This lovely halo ring done in platinum has a fancy Victorian inspired look and a fancy floating halo. The bezel adorned with milgrain enhances the sparkle and the large diamond included in the halo harken back to that original Victorian halo style.

Vintage Style Victorian Engagment Rings

Vintage inspired Art Deco Design

The Art Deco period was a fabulous time for jewelry. A bustling time when new technologies were being seen and used for the first time, the jewelry often reflected that energy. One style that was present throughout the period was intricate engravings done to embellish the shoulders of the three rings you see here. Whether it was sharp chevrons or smooth swirling scrollwork, this type of fancy shoulder engravings and moldings were very popular in Art Deco jewelry.

Of the many beautiful themes common in the Art Deco period, one that has inspired many due to its beautiful simplicity is milgrain detail. Not exclusive to the Art Deco period, but ever popular inside it. Mlgrain is completed through a process of running a toothed wheel along hot metal to created a uniform row of beads.

Commonly added as a border outside of wedding bands or bezels holding primary stones, milgrain detail is a perfect way to create sparkle without adding more gemstones to the metal. Often people will think a piece done with milgrain is more sparkly than a piece with the same amount of diamonds but no milgrain.

Deco Style Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

One common ring design seen in the Art Deco period was the stepped down diamond ring like this one. Making use of the shape of the primary stone in order to taper down the the width of the band is a simple and tasteful way to showcase the natural beauty of the diamond. The milgrain borders further highlight the look of these diamonds on display.

Engagement Ring Modern .68 Old European Cut Diamond in Platinum

Some Art Deco looks made use of more classic European designs and put a geometric twist on them like this ring. The filigree work on the sides furthers the emphasis put on the vintage inspired setting below this special Old European cut diamond.

Art Deco Style & Sapphire

Sapphires have been used throughout the history of jewelry itself, but they were an especially popular stone in the Art Deco period. This may have had something to do with the emergence of heat treatment of lesser quality sapphires in the 1920’s vastly increasing the amount of available stones. The introduction of synthetic sapphires, which during the Art Deco period were actually more expensive than natural stones, may have also increased their popularity in this time. Whatever the reason, the prominent sapphire ring was loved in the Art Deco period.

Art Deco Style Oval Sapphire Engagement Ring

Literally meaning “little ship”, the navette ring was very popular all the way from the Victorian to the Art Deco periods. Finished here with fine milgrain detail around the diamonds, this vintage inspired piece would be well at home 100 years ago in a fine jewelry store passing as new.

3 Carat Cushion Sapphire & Diamond Ring in Platinum

The Art Deco period was known for its opulence, and what greater way to express that than a 3 carat sapphire wrapped in a diamond halo? The older style of halo even contains two emerald cut diamonds to further the fancy look of this vintage inspired beauty.

Vintage Style Art Deco Engagment Rings



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