Can All Rings be Sized?

Most of our rings can be safely sized and without detection. Please see the individual item description in the ring size section for more details. We recommend utilizing our expert jeweler to ensure the work is completed in the most professional manner.


The first sizing is free of charge going from sizes 4-9.  Rings smaller or large than a 4-9 maybe subject to a fee. Please contact us if you have questions regarding sizing.

If additional sizing is needed; please refer to the estimated pricing below:

Sizing Up – Prices start at $45 for 9k gold and $85 for platinum.

Sizing Down – Prices start at $45.

Sizing costs are based on the size you need and the ring’s current size and its metal. Just complete your order and we will contact you on final pricing.

How Long Will My Ring Sizing Take?

Typically, sizing takes 1-1/2 to 2 weeks. For faster service, please just let us know and we will do our utmost to have the ring there when you need.

Shipping back rings for sizing?

Please contact us for shipping a ring in for sizing so that we may add it to our repair cue.  Rings should be shipped to

Filigree Jewelers
212 Third Ave North #354
Minneapolis, MN 55401