Red Hot Summer

It’s nearly July we can’t think of a better way to have a RED hot summer day than by adorning yourself with this month’s birthstone, ruby! The red variety of the mineral Corundum (you know the blue variety as Sapphire), this stone is loved for it’s fiery red color, hardness, durability and rarity. In fact, large carat, gem quality rubies are even more rare than diamonds.

Folklore about rubies once said that they are the stone of Kings, but I say it’s really the stone of Queens. I sure feel like a queen every time I try on this gorgeous, modern 1.39 carat oval ruby. With a floral inspired halo of diamonds, there’s no stopping me from pretending I rule the world whenever I wear this.

Because of their hardness and stunning color, rubies make the perfect focus in an engagement ring. If you’re looking for a unique, diamond alternative, a ruby is an excellent choice. This classic, modern engagement ring dons a 1.25 carat round ruby and is set in platinum. A look that is timeless but never tired.

Rubies don’t have to be the center stone to be the center of attention. The deep red color of these accent rubies really make the design vintage inspired design of this Retro Era ring pop. Whether you’re born into the ruby life, or the ruby life chose you, stop in and check out all the rubies we have in stock!

About the Author

PeggySue Imihy

I am GIA accredited Applied Jewelry Professional (AJP) whose love for sparkle is matched only by my love for coffee. I’m a hopeless romantic and I love the sentiment and emotion that comes with gifting and owning a beautiful piece of jewelry.



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