Antique Snake Necklace Victorian .06 Rose Cut Diamonds & Turquoise in 18k Yellow Gold


This Antique necklace from the Victorian time period is a proud representation of snake symbolism in jewelry. Snakes were commonly used in jewelry and design during this era as the Victorians were known for resurrecting Greek and Roman motifs. This piece holds .06 carats of Rose Cut diamonds as the snake’s eyes and is also decorated with beautiful Cabochon Cut turquoise. The necklace is made of 18k yellow gold.

Composition: 18 Karat Yellow Gold
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Primary Stone

Primary Stone: Natural Turquoise
Shape and Measurements: 1.2 mm - 3.5 mm (23)

Accent Stone

Accent Stone: Genuine Natural Diamond
Shape and Measurements: 2.00 mm = .03 ct (2)
Color and Clarity: K, SI2
Stone Weight: .06

General Characteristics

Measurements: 15 inches in legnth, 4.5 mm in width
Total Gram Weight: 28.9
Total Diamond Weight: .06
Era: Victorian 1830's - 1900's