Should My Partner Be Involved When Buying An Engagement Ring?


Should My Partner Be Involved When Buying An Engagement Ring?

Today, we’re going to discuss whether or not your partner should be involved in selecting an engagement ring. It’s a big question and it’s a question we are asked really frequently.  The quick answer is that…It depends.  It really depends on who you are as a couple.  There’s no one perfect answer. It has to be tailored to you as a couple and the situation.  We see both ends of the spectrum.  Some couples are involved together in the whole process and sometimes the receiving partner is not involved at all.

Good Intel

We sell one of a kind vintage and custom engagement rings so we tend to air on the side of having at least some really good intel.  Having info from a mom, a family member, or best friend. That’s really where you’re gonna get some really good information.  People in her life that have a good sense of her style (you might…but if you don’t) or it’s quite possible she has discussed what she might want with them.


Pinterest boards are amazing for getting information on engagement rings because even if you think that she hasn’t been looking…she’s probably been looking.  Pinterest boards are a great way to get a sense of what her style is and what she likes.  We definitely suggest doing some research, especially if you’re considering a vintage or custom engagement ring.   A surprise can also be exciting…if your unsure, have some information to back it up.

Having Said That…

It’s 2018 and involving your partner in this special purchase can also be fun, rewarding and gratifying experience.  You both may already know that marriage is on the horizon and this is a wonderful way to ensure she will get a ring she will love.  In our world, I would say, the majority of couples at some point in the process come in together or have looked on our website. That’s another wonderful tool for people to be able to say, I kinda want to surprise you, but I want you to pick out maybe three or four rings, and then I’ll go and make the final decision. So part of the process can be done together.

And it can be a romantic experience.




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