Our Ethos

At Filigree Jewelers, we go to great lengths to source the finest collection of antique and vintage jewelry. We are dedicated to selecting quality pieces that exude timeless beauty. We work to restore each rare and vintage jewelry piece with the utmost care, tailoring each individual experience to meet the personal needs of our customers.

Our promise at Filigree Jewelers is to ensure an environment of trust and empathy. We understand the importance of cultivating strong, genuine relationships both in the workplace and community.

We aim to exceed expectations by keeping a high standard of customer service in both our in-store and online shopping process. We handle the needs of our clientele with heart, always. We at Filigree Jewelers consider our consultation and sales approach as a chance to make our clients feel welcome and “at home.” (…and to have a little fun!)

Our goal is to curate an experience that is special for each individual person, taking their needs into careful consideration. Helping our clients find their dream jewelry pieces is what we do best!

Our ongoing vision is to lead with compassion and authenticity: blending our core values as a family-run business with our aspirations as creators in the beautiful, ever-evolving world of jewelry.

Timeless Jewelry

Expertly Curated

Innovative Antiques

Vintage Gems

Our expert jewelers restore and design one of a kind jewelry pieces with outstanding craftsmanship and care.

Our History

Filigree’s collection of rare and vintage jewelry expanded from Southern California to the heart of the North Loop Warehouse district in Downtown Minneapolis.

Our History


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210 N. 2nd Street
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Tuesday-Friday 11 AM – 6 PM
Saturday 11 AM – 5 PM

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