At Filigree, we work with many insurance companies to help their clients determine the value of their jewelry and/or estates. We are also happy to help appraise your items or estates. 

For individual items, we charge $125 per appraisal. 

We will measure and weigh each gemstone, provide a color and clarity grading based on the GIA system, as well as photograph your items that will be compiled into a dossier with a value.

If you have an entire collection that you would like reviewed, please Contact Us for pricing.

Important Note

Filigree Jewelers evaluates and describes each item to the best of our ability prior to listing the item on our website. Please keep in mind that most of the jewelry on Filigree Jewelers is estate and/or antique and thus, shows its age. The item may show slight wear as most period pieces do. Filigree Jewelers restores, polishes, and may refurbish pieces in our collection. We do so with the utmost regard in maintaining the elegance, form and antiquity value of the piece.

*Please remember that diamond grading is not an exact science; it is an opinion, no matter how experienced the grader. Every stone is different, every diamond unique. Different graders, laboratories, and appraisers may also vary in their determinations. In addition, please note that colored stones, pearls, and other gemstones may have been treated to enhance color, stability or clarity. However, enhancements are not always detectable. Please make sure to ask questions prior to making your purchase and we will do our best to make sure they have been answered.

*Additional Note: Filigree Jewelers reserves the right to make changes to its policies at any time. Please review these policies on a regular basis.


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