Anniversaries – Gift Guide

Oct 7, 2020 | Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating milestone anniversaries is easy to do with jewelry! We have put together this guide of jewelry and gemstones that are commonly given for certain anniversaries.

The sapphire is often associated with the 5 year anniversary. Sapphires come in all colors, the most famous being blue. The gemstone has been known to symbolize wisdom and good fortune.

The diamond is often a gift given at the 10 year anniversary. The ancient Greeks believed diamonds were the tears of the gods. The stone has been an emblem of purity and perfection for ages.

Gold jewelry is traditionally given for the 14th anniversary. Gold is a very special metal for its malleable and ductile nature, as well as it being a noble metal that doesn’t oxidize. For these reasons gold has been used to make fine jewelry for thousands of years.

Jade is commonly gifted for a 19th anniversary. The stone has been thought to have healing properties by cultures around the world. Most revered by Chinese culture, there is a proverb that says “Gold has a price; Jade is priceless.”

The gemstone associated with the 20th anniversary is the emerald. The beloved green stone is most often cut in a rectangular shape. Legends say that emeralds allow the wearer to see the future.

For 25 year anniversaries it is traditional to give a gift of silver. Sterling silver, which is 92.5% silver, is the most common type of silver to make into jewelry and silverware. Silver is one of the seven metals of antiquity and thus has been used by humans since before history was recorded.

A tradition for 30th anniversaries is a gift of pearls. Pearls are gems but not stones, as they have organic origins. Pearls are often associated with truth, sincerity, and loyalty.

Coral jewelry is often given for a 35th anniversary. Precious coral comes from water more than 500 feet deep and the most prized has a soft red color that has been loved for centuries. Coral jewelry often has beautifully ornate carvings housed in precious metals.