Filigree Fashion: A Vintage Small Business Collaboration

Recently we had the great joy of collaborating with our friends at Golden Pearl Vintage with the goal of putting together vintage styles that span different eras of fashion. Vintage fashion is not just a way to find looks to set you apart, but also is a very sustainable choice which avoids waste associated with the creation of something new. Golden Pearl has a gorgeous collection of women’s and men’s wear from the 1920’s to the 1990’s. This collection pairs beautifully with the pieces of jewelry we chose from those same time periods.

We wanted to create looks that would highlight how to wear vintage, antique, and modern jewelry with various eras of fashion. This is because vintage fashion is such a perfect opportunity to add a touch of yourself into a classic look! So please take a few moments to scroll through these gorgeous looks that were such a pleasure to put together. Imagine how you could incorporate your own pieces into these outfits and please share your own creative combinations of vintage jewelry/clothes with us on Instagram using #FiligreeFashion.

70's inspired

A look that captures the glamour of the disco age we have paired a few pearls (and some others) to go with this fabulous pearlescent seafoam green dress. Here it is worn off the shoulders to leave space for the layered necklaces to shine. The large aquamarine cocktail ring is a perfect gemstone to match the unique color of this vintage dress from the 70’s.

12 Carat Emerald Cut Aquamarine Ring in 18k

Art Deco Inspired

The Art Deco period was a time of opulence and change. New technologies and innovations were heavily influencing art and design. This can be seen in the line of baguette diamonds connecting to the pearl on these drop earrings. Modern designs like the diamond bands shown here are so easily combined with Art Deco pieces. This could be due to the Art Deco style being so influenced by emerging technologies.

Worn with a satin bias-cut wedding dress from the late 20’s, you would almost expect this look to come with an invitation to one of Jay Gatsby’s parties.

Retro inspired

The term Retro can mean quite a few things. When we use it to describe jewelry we are talking about a period of pop-art that came about in the 40’s and 50’s. Heavily influenced by WWII, shortages of platinum and the metals used to make white gold alloys meant most Retro jewelry was made of yellow gold and sterling silver. The designs were large and chunky in an attempt to be futuristic.

Here we have a lovely linen sheath dress from the 1960’s worn with our chunky statement rings and bracelets from a decade earlier. The warm shine of the yellow gold is a fabulous compliment to the creamy textured fabric.

Retro Yellow Gold Jewelry

Art Deco Inspired

Here we have another Deco inspired look, this time with more modern pieces incorporated! Combined with this breezy peach chiffon halterneck gown, this arrangement of various diamond pieces and a dazzling aquamarine cocktail ring have a gossamer summer vibe.

Modern Inspired

For the final look we took a clutch and dress from the 30’s and 40’s and combined them with modern yellow gold rings and necklaces. It can be so much fun to style vintage clothes with period correct jewelry, but this look shows how well modern jewelry can add something fresh and give new life to a vintage bag or outfit!

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