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10 Fabulous February Birthstone Amethyst Jewelry

This week we are celebrating the amethyst, the birthstone of February. The ancient Greeks believed that amethysts were dyed purple by the tears of Dionysus, the god of wine and celebration. Amethyst also has a rich history in the Catholic church as papal rings were amethyst because purple was the royal color that symbolized Christ. […]

10 Unique Pieces of Black Rhodium & Oxidized Silver Jewelry

This week we have a very cool group that all have a dark look created with either oxidized silver or rhodium plating. Black metal can be achieved in a number of ways and this list contains pieces that use rhodium plating on white gold as well as oxidized silver. Oxidized silver isn’t actually “oxidized” but […]

11 Fine Jewelry Pieces : 2019 Holiday Guide

For the final joyful week of our 2019 Holiday Guide: Cocktail Tour we have the champagne cocktail! With this look we want to do everything to celebrate you and your year. Fine pieces of a white and yellow gold, adorned with gorgeous gemstones from diamonds to amethysts. 1. Earrings Modern 5.85 Round Brilliant & Straight […]

14 White Gold & Diamonds Pieces of Jewelry: 2019 Holiday Guide

This week we are continuing our 2019 Holiday Guide: Cocktail Tour to give you more fabulous gift ideas. Here we have put together a list white gold and diamond fine jewelry pieces that range range from vintage to modern. Alongside these stark white gold and diamond jewels, this week’s cocktail; bourbon hot chocolate beverage could […]

10 Unique Gold Jewels: 2019 Holiday Guide

This week we are releasing our Holiday Guide: Cocktail Tour to give you fabulous gift and styling tips. This cocktail needs no introductions, The Old Fashion is a classic seasonal favorite and to warm your holiday spirits we have paired it with a list of classic yellow gold fine jewelry from our piece unique collection. […]

10 Bold Pieces of Statement Jewelry: 2019 Holiday Guide

This week’s featured cocktail is an American classic cocktail, a martini with a garnish of olives.We have put together an eclectic grouping of bold statement pieces that are perfect for holiday festivities! 1. Blue Zircon Ring with Sapphire & Diamond Halo Can’t decide on just one precious stone? This ring brings a playful color scheme […]



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