Can Engagement Rings Be Worn as Wedding Bands?


Can Engagement Rings Be Worn as Wedding Bands?

Today, we’re here to answer a question that we get all the time.  The question is, can my engagement ring be worn as a wedding band.  You can wear your engagement ring on its own beautifully without any other additional adornment attached to it.  You can choose one ring, you can choose two rings, you can wear three rings. If you have a ring on your left finger, most people think that you’re either engaged or married.  Whether you wear one ring or 4 rings, the symbolism is what counts and It’s your choice, that’s one of the beautiful parts about living in the time that we live in; there really aren’t rules.

What Hand Do I Wear it On?

The common tradition is to wear it on the left hand, however some of our clients wear the engagement ring on the right hand and the wedding band on the left or vice versa. Also, we live in a time where we’re all influenced by things are happening everywhere all over the globe in different cultures and different places.  In Europe, many ladies wear their engagement ring on their right hand…it all depends on what you feel like doing.

What about mixing metals?

Additionally, your wedding band does not have to match the engagement ring.  Many ladies are changing up their look and style with different metals by mixing and matching rose gold platinum and yellow gold  This is a wonderful way to change it up and give yourself a different look and versatility.

So to sum up the question…as you can see, there truly are no rules to how you wear your engagement ring or wedding bands.  Wear it alone, with a a full stack of bands, or on whatever finger or hand you you want…you set your own rules!








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