Happy Earth Day! Animals and the Jewelry Industry

Happy Earth Day! Animal companionship has been celebrated throughout all of human history, so animal jewelry is about as old as jewelry itself. A central concept to many types of jewelry is that of the talisman, or an object believed to have magical powers that are imbued upon the wearer. Jewelry created in the image […]

The Lore of Aquamarine: March’s Birthstone

This week we are celebrating the Aquamarine, a stone with history dating back to ancient Egypt and Sumeria. The stone was probably first named “aqua marina” by Roman fisherman who would wear the stone to provide bountiful catches and safety on their journey. Aquamarine lore includes the ability to protect wearers from poison and if […]

Woman’s History Month: Inspirational Women & Their Jewelry

To celebrate Women’s History Month, we wanted to showcase some of the incredible women who have a history associating them with jewelry, and specific types of jewelry moreover. The list contains many actresses, but also some prominent politicians and artists, and we hope to shed some light on the styles of these amazing women. Queen […]

28 Variations of the Halo Engagement Ring

The halo ring dates back as early as the Georgian era in Europe, at that time stone diameters were nearly the same size. The design, made to enhance the size and appearance of the center stone.  During the Victorian era, halo engagement rings became even more popular but colored stones were often used as the […]

10 Fabulous February Birthstone Amethyst Jewelry

This week we are celebrating the amethyst, the birthstone of February. The ancient Greeks believed that amethysts were dyed purple by the tears of Dionysus, the god of wine and celebration. Amethyst also has a rich history in the Catholic church as papal rings were amethyst because purple was the royal color that symbolized Christ. […]

14 Beautiful Pieces of Vintage Enamel Jewelry

This week we have a splendid group of jewelry making use of enamel! Enamel has been used to adorn jewelry for thousands of years, and still today it is a delightful and affordable way to add color to metal. The beauty of enamel from the jewelers perspective is also that no matter what type of […]



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