14 Unique Diamond Wedding Bands

At Filigree Jewelers we have so many wonderful vintage and antique wedding bands. Here we have put together a list of diamond wedding bands that have an uncommon look you won’t find anywhere else. These bands would also be perfect as stacking rings!

1. Engagement Ring Modern .15 Oval Cut Diamond 14k Rose Gold

To start we have a great rose gold diamond band features a bezel set oval shaped diamond that is beautifully accented by round cut diamonds down the shoulders. This would make a lovely stacking ring!

2. Wedding Band Modern .19 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds in 18k Rose Gold

This rose gold diamond band features a clean tapered look that contains bead set diamonds that also taper down to a point. This design not only creates a great look, but also allows the band to sit closer to an engagement ring with a higher profile.

3. Rose Gold Pave Diamond Wedding Band w/ .10 Carats

Here we have a very bright wedding band in rose gold! The ring features a pattern of marquise shapes set with clusters of round diamonds on every other section. This band would pair beautifully with a solitaire to give it a bit more flash. Below you’ll see these first three bands stacked together.

first three rings stacked together

4. Bezel Set Diamond Right Hand Ring in Yellow Gold

This yellow gold wedding band makes great use of the difference in diamond shapes in its design. The diamonds are bezel set with milgrain edges which are spaced out in order to showcase their interesting shapes.

5. Retro Wedding Band .63 Square Step Cut Diamonds in 18k Yellow Gold

This 18 karat yellow gold retro band features a channel set line of square step cut diamonds in a neat rectangle. The ring shows a great use of diamond cuts you don’t often see in wedding bands.

6. Curved Wedding Band w/ Diamonds in Yellow Gold

This is a great curved wedding band in yellow gold. Curved wedding bands are a great way to sit closer to engagement rings and this one takes a slightly different approach by having channel set diamonds. This would be wonderful either as a wedding band or a stacking right hand ring. 

7. Wedding Band Modern .45 Baguette Cut Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold

It is often the case that classic Art Deco engagement rings we carry have raised designs creating a prominent profile on the finger. This wedding band shares that quality which would make it a great pairing to a vintage ring, while adding a unique look with its three baguettes!

8. Wedding Band Modern 1.25 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold

This is a fabulous diamond ring with 1.25 carats of Round Brilliant Cut diamonds. The unusual setting allows a beautiful side view of the diamonds and provides plenty of light for refraction! 

Below you can see four of these yellow gold bands stacked.

9. Diamond & Milgrain Wedding Band in 14k White Gold

This white gold band features a lovely string of diamonds that alternates between round and marquise shapes, but only uses round cut diamonds. The edges are complete with milgrain detail and offer a cute and unique look!

10. Diamond Pave Wedding Band in 14k White Gold

A similar style to some others in this list, here we have a white gold diamond band with repeating clusters of round diamonds set in small marquise shapes. This is a great way to add sparkle to an engagement ring!

11. Geometric Diamond Eternity Band in White Gold

This diamond eternity band in white gold makes great use of its design when paired with a high seated diamond engagement ring. The shape of the repeating geometric design creates spaces in between each arch that would allow an engagement ring to sit snuggly inside! 

Below you can see these last three white gold bands stacked.

12. Wedding Band Modern .64 Square & Emerald Cut Diamonds in 14K White Gold

This is a simple design making use of rather unusual cuts of diamonds for a wedding band. The channel set square and emerald cuts across the top provide a clean and classy look that would be a perfect addition to a white metal engagement ring.

13. Wedding Band Modern .77 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds in 14k White Gold

This band is similar to the last one, except it makes use of Round Brilliant Cut diamonds in its channel setting. The difference causes this band to have more open space in the diamond element and a bit more sparkle from the Round Brilliant Cut. 

14. Wedding Band Modern .50 Baguette Cut Diamonds in 14k White Gold

The third in this section of top half channel set wedding bands, this one makes use of baguette cuts. The baguettes in this setting create a more subtle look with less flash, and more attention to the polish of the 14 karat white gold and whatever engagement ring you pair it with.

Below we have these last three bands stacked for you to see them together.

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