10 Pieces of Mourning Jewelery

This week we wanted to showcase some of our mourning jewelry. Whether it be to wear to a funeral, just a daily reminder, or you just like the darker aesthetic there will be something for you here.

1. Modern Earrings 4.64 Cabochon Cut Onyx & .80 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds in Platinum

Onyx and Diamond Earrings on black background

These fine cabochon cut onyx studs are wreathed in a halo of diamonds as well as have a bezel set diamond in their center. A very refined look.

2. Right Hand Ring Modern .96 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond & Onyx in Platinum

Onyx and Diamond Ring on silver flask

This sizable diamond and onyx right hand ring is very tasteful with it’s black and white contrast. The bezel set diamond center stone features tiny milgrain work as well.

3.Antique Pendant Charm Enamel Victorian in 14k Yellow Gold

This ornate yellow gold Victorian pendant features beautiful engraving on the front with blue and white enamel. Flipped around there is a lock of hair behind a piece of glass, as it was intended to remember a loved one.

4. 1960s Celino Diamond & Onyx Cocktail Ring in Yellow Gold

This striking onyx right hand ring features a large onyx with two holes through which a pave diamond cluster is connecting to the yellow gold band. An interesting combination of colors and a wonderful piece of mourning jewelry.

5. Vintage Right Hand Ring Art Deco 24.30 Emerald Cut Amethyst & Onyx in Platinum

This right hand ring features a large amethyst that is accented by diamonds and onyx. The ring is finished in platinum and is very bold.

6. Antique Pendant Charm Locket Victorian in 14k Yellow Gold

This Victorian locket would be a very thoughtful way to carry images of your dearest loved ones. The expert engraving on the outside is incredibly intricate down to the finest detail.

7. Antique Earrings Victorian Tassel Black Enamel in 14k Yellow Gold

These fabulous Victorian earrings feature beautifully braided yellow gold tassels below gold discs with black enamel designs painted on them. The engraving at the base of the tassels is also very beautiful.

8. Earrings Modern .78 Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds & Onyx in 18k White Gold

These striking modern earrings features lovely pieces of faceted onyx below a string of lovely diamond accents. The dramatic shape of the onyx is eye catching yet quite elegant.

9. Antique Pocket Watch Art Deco Gutta Percha & 14k Yellow Gold

This dainty antique pocket watch is finished in 14k yellow gold and the lovely matte black gutta percha. Hanging on the end of a 28″ Victorian chain, this would make a darling memorial piece.

10. Onyx & Mine Cut Diamond Bracelet in Platinum

This elegant onyx and diamond bracelet is finished in platinum and would make a very appropriate mourning piece. Such a gorgeous and clean design holding the cabochon cut onyx and the mine cut diamonds.

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